Were all the American jobs lost in December 2020 held by women?


That’s the short answer, but the longer answer is an examination of something I talk about a lot on Twitter, which is that, by and large, journalists are very bad at maths and numbers.

Did 140,000 women lose their jobs?

The data above doesn’t give us the men-women breakdown, but it’s pretty clear that, almost certainly, a lot more than 140,000 women lost their jobs.

Did every man employed on November 30 still have his job on December 31?

Clearly not. I suspect the BLS tables break that out clearly but I wanted this to be a quick look, and I don’t have the time to check them out. But it is clear from the numbers that such a claim does not — and cannot — hold water.

I used to be a journalist. Now I’m a product manager.

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